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Pecovasa web site Accessibility Statement

1.1 Accessibility policy

Pecovasa is committed to providing an accessible web site through a range of useful contents and features enabling as many users as possible to access it, including those with disabilities or advanced age.

For its adaptation to Web Accessibility criteria, reference has been made to the UNE 139803:2004 standard entitled “Computer applications for people with disabilities. Accessibility requirements for web contents”. From time to time, a complete Accessibility Assessment is made to ensure alignment with this standard.

In the construction of the web site, Pecovasa has adopted a series of measures aimed at improving its accessibility, entailing a number of advantages, such as:

  • Facilitating access by users regardless of their physical condition or surroundings.
  • Enabling access with multiple user agents.
  • Including clear, well-structured contents.
  • Improvements in navigation and user experience.

Among others, the following measures have been adopted:

  • Use of cascading style sheets (CSS) for displaying information.
  • Structural marking to enable proper navigation.
  • Descriptive texts for targets of links.
  • Text with adjustable font sizes to suit user needs or preferences.

On the other hand, the portal has some sections and elements that, due to their technical complexity, have not yet been adapted in accordance with these accessibility measures.

  • Accessibility in PDF documents: There is no guarantee that the basic accessibility requirements will be met in certain PDF documents on the Pecovasa web site.
  • Management Applications.

Nonetheless, Pecovasa undertakes to continue working to resolve all possible aspects that might hinder access to certain contents on the portal.

1.2. Contact

For any queries, complaints or suggestions for improvement of the accessibility of this portal, please use this channel Pecovasa.

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